After heading up The Disappointed, Michael Strong and the Ghost Anyway, Generals & Majors, Young Girl, making records for nigh on 20 years in a broad spectrum of genres, producing a host of records for Perth heroes like Pat Chow, Odlaw, Stacey Ann and Veruca Moon – Perth veteran Michael Strong aka Alyosha has finally […]

Alyosha releases a loaded party prog EP with a 70s vibe

Alyosha is a restless little music monster, searching for the new sound, never receding into a genre or vibe. Coming off the release of the bangin lofi album Shut Up Cain in 2020 and 2 glorious electro gospel singles in 2021, Alyosha (aka Perth music and production veteran Michael Strong) is now, for some reason, […]

ALYOSHA imparts unpretentious slice of folk pop with (WE WON’T LET IT) GET US DOWN

One man band ALYOSHA bestows his latest definitely joyful single (WE WON’T LET IT) GET US DOWN, a stripped down and analog-instrumented offering providing a subtle sea change from 2020’s SHUT UP CAIN album release, and this year’s electro-gospel-pop tracks THE GREAT DREAM and GO ANOTHER WAY.  Running for 2 minutes and 28 seconds, (WWLI)GUD […]

Alyosha to launch new single with 9 piece choir band

Alyosha’s new electro gospel jam Go Another Way is a pure joy injection – an absolute pop delight packaged in an expertly accomplished production. GAW features Alyosha’s new 9 piece choir band (a group of Perth veterans of exceptional pedigree) and is coming to the stage for the first time this April at Northbridge institution […]

New single THE GREAT DREAM is a modern gospel lullaby from ALYOSHA

Stream ‘THE GREAT DREAM’ here The Great Dream is a modern gospel lullaby from Perth polymath Alyosha. It’s a beautiful, earnest piece featuring his brand new 10 piece choir band. A sweeping religious epic set to luscious synths and intricate harmonies. It takes up the thematic richness and warmth of his 2020 album Shut Up […]

SHUT UP CAIN is the enigmatic new album from ALYOSHA


Listen to ‘SHUT UP CAIN’ here Shut Up Cain is a spiritual reckoning. It’s the sound of a man once lost in hopelessness and nihilism finally finding the pathway out. These are songs of real joy, tinted with that peculiar dark edge that the real world always has. It’s seriously life affirming but it’s not […]

ALYOSHA’s utterly infectious and uplifting new single ‘YOU WILL BE ENOUGH’ out now


Listen to ‘YOU WILL BE ENOUGH’ here Perth’s life affirming indie pop maestro Alyosha latest single ‘You Will Be Enough’ released into the world today. It’s got those early Prince vibes, delightful harmonies and all the feel goods. Influenced by Jordan Peterson, Carl Jung and CS Lewis, it’s about voluntarily accepting the burdens of Being, […]

ALYOSHA new single ‘KING CAIN’ out now


‘King Cain’ is the second single from Alyosha’s upcoming debut album ‘Shut Up Cain’. The first single ‘Hatchet Man’ released in 2019 came in at #26 in Twin Cities FM’s top 50 of the year and was featured on RTRFM.

Introducing ALYOSHA and his first single ‘HATCHET MAN’


Alyosha is a man trying to stand up straight and grow the hell up. Stepping away from nihilism. Away from self indulgent depression. Away from cowardly anxiety. Hatchet Man is the debut single. The sound is raw, old school guitar pop. It’s upbeat, true and so damn catchy. It’s music bristling with meaning and purpose. […]

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