ALYOSHA imparts unpretentious slice of folk pop with (WE WON’T LET IT) GET US DOWN

One man band ALYOSHA bestows his latest definitely joyful single (WE WON’T LET IT) GET US DOWN, a stripped down and analog-instrumented offering providing a subtle sea change from 2020’s SHUT UP CAIN album release, and this year’s electro-gospel-pop tracks THE GREAT DREAM and GO ANOTHER WAY. 

Running for 2 minutes and 28 seconds, (WWLI)GUD is performed and recorded by one adult male over multiple takes, featuring a simple unchanging chord structure, and an unostentatious arrangement of drums, guitars, keys, vocals and percussion. It is a well written song with effective lyrics, utilising audio editing and mixing techniques including compression and vocal tuning to enhance the mildly charismatic though slightly flawed vocalist and instrumentalist that is ALYOSHA


Self proclaimed as “too old for Triple J”, and claiming to have written roughly 50 presser’s on himself, ALYOSHA is a man who has a regular name (Michael Strong specifically) in the regular world. He has released many songs of many genres under many names. He works as a producer and engineer in Perth (You’re Weird Mixing), capturing sounds for the likes of Pat Chow, Odlaw, Lonesome Dove, and Dolce Blue, to name a few. 

(WWLI)GUD is uplifting, joyous, raw, and honest in it’s sound and content, pulling the threads of fears and insecurities, and weaving them into reassurance that somehow we will be enough, and we won’t let it get us down. 



Praise for ALYOSHA: 

“With this Alyosha project, Strong has produced pop-rock with a conscience.” –X-Press Magazine

“The sound is raw, old school guitar pop. It’s upbeat, true and so damn catchy. It’s music bristling with meaning and purpose. And hooks. And guitarmonies.” – Music Link WA




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