SHUT UP CAIN is the enigmatic new album from ALYOSHA

Listen to ‘SHUT UP CAIN’ here

Shut Up Cain is a spiritual reckoning. It’s the sound of a man once lost in hopelessness and nihilism finally finding the pathway out. These are songs of real joy, tinted with that peculiar dark edge that the real world always has. It’s seriously life affirming but it’s not lame. SUC doesn’t find it’s joy in the denial of suffering. It finds it in truth, in all its terrifying, beautiful glory.

“This album perfectly captured what was a serious personality upheaval for me. I had to completely abandon everything that I believed, I had to burn off an entire psychological infrastructure. What a relief! You can actually hear the stupid suffering being joyously lifted from my shoulders. It’s about accepting the responsibility of being a human wholeheartedly. To tell the truth, to stand up straight and to take one’s moral duties seriously. It’s impossible to describe in words what this experience was like but you’ll feel it when you hear Shut Up Cain. This was me finally understanding that meaninglessness, hopelessness, nihilism – it’s all WRONG. As in factually incorrect. A faulty conclusion. Nothing has been the same since I figured that out.”


Alyosha (aka Michael Strong) is a songwriter, record producer and live sound engineer. He runs at a fever pitch of music production at all times. He is the frontman at The Disappointed who’s debut album Escapism came out in 2019. He is the IDM maestro Young Girl, who’s debut A Marshmallow Called Moon dropped in 2019 (new album coming this year). He is the producer and drummer at Odlaw, who’s new album Debut came out in 2020. He is the soundie at Beaufort St Songwriters Club.

Shut Up Cain doesn’t try to be weird but it is a bit anyway. Idiosyncrasy and genuine personality lift the album above the indie pop rock fray. It’s both ambitious and a little scrappy which is a weirdly compelling combination. You Will Be Enough is the utterly infectious and uplifting new single with early Prince and Paul Simon vibes, delightful harmonies and all the feel goods.


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