New single THE GREAT DREAM is a modern gospel lullaby from ALYOSHA

Stream ‘THE GREAT DREAM’ here

The Great Dream is a modern gospel lullaby from Perth polymath Alyosha. It’s a beautiful, earnest piece featuring his brand new 10 piece choir band. A sweeping religious epic set to luscious synths and intricate harmonies. It takes up the thematic richness and warmth of his 2020 album Shut Up Cain and ratchets up the production values and ambition tenfold. TGD is no throwback, but it might lie somewhere between Bjork and The Beach Boys.

“The whole God thing is new and strange to me. I’m what you might call a ‘lapsed atheist’. I was raised in the modern materialist rationalist tradition but on closer inspection I concluded that the logic didn’t hold up. It’s put me at a really weird juncture in the world – at odds with almost everyone and everything I know and love. A Blasphemer against the nihilistic orthodoxy. 

The Great Dream is the best thing I’ve ever made, in terms of songwriting, production, vocal performance. Add in 9 amazing singers and one of Perth’s best drummers and I really think I’ve got something here. Just wait til you see the live show this autumn!” 

Michael Strong makes a whole bunch of music happen. Earnest pop as Alyosha. Brain melting dance as Young Girl. Epic alt rock with The Disappointed. Drums for lofi hifun Odlaw. Producer at You’re Weird Mixing for Pat Chow, Odlaw, Dolce Blue and a bunch of others. Live engineer for the Leederville Songwriter’s Club (and the upcoming Albany Hwy iteration). Always pushing his own boundaries, hence the harebrained 10 piece choir scheme. 

“…pop rock that falls just on the right side of eccentricity…. Strong’s voice is resolute and commanding – the tone of a man who knows what he wants to say.”  – X-Press Magazine 



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