ALYOSHA’s utterly infectious and uplifting new single ‘YOU WILL BE ENOUGH’ out now

Listen to ‘YOU WILL BE ENOUGH’ here

Perth’s life affirming indie pop maestro Alyosha latest single ‘You Will Be Enough’ released into the world today. It’s got those early Prince vibes, delightful harmonies and all the feel goods. Influenced by Jordan Peterson, Carl Jung and CS Lewis, it’s about voluntarily accepting the burdens of Being, giving up all of the resentment and bitterness, bearing the weight of your fair share of the world’s suffering with gratitude and humility. With your eyes up and your back straight you grow strong under the weight of responsibility. More than that, you become ennobled by the process.

YWBE exudes gratitude and warmth. It doesn’t tell you that you’re fine the way you are. It doesn’t tell you that everything is going to be ok. It tells you that there’s something in you that’s capable of dealing with the troubles of living, whatever they’re going to be (and they’re definitely going to be nightmarish) but only if you stand up straight, tell the truth and manifest the best you’ve got.

All of the performance and production is a total one man job, recorded at home in a flurry of joy and inspiration. It’s one of those pop songs that comes out fully formed in a mad rush and you instantly know it’s just gotta be the single.


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