ODLAW celebrate DEBUT one more time!


The 6 piece band will celebrate their 2020 album DEBUT with a special live series playing the album in full + release 2 reworks of the crowd favourite (KANGA)ROO-PAULZ DRAG RACE

2020 has been a weird ride. When I (Mark Neal) released this album I really didn’t expect anyone to care much. When it came to my own songwriting and band (odlaw) I had almost totally given up on it. But there was some weird little part of me that just wanted an excuse to write songs and I was emotionally prepared to cling onto any validation I could get.

Turns out people that I know, that I love, and that I respect would end up really liking this record. Probably partly because it was more selfish and more me than I had ever been before, but definitely mostly because it was fun and carefree while still being pretty raw and honest. Actually you probably can’t be carefree without being raw and honest.

Anyways.. The album dropped, people said nice things, RTRFM featured it, Bandcamp wrote nice words, people I never met before bought it and said nice things, so I put together a band and we said yes to some amazing shows. RTRFM let us play their spring party, Pat Chow invited us onto their launch, we got to share the stage with Sly Withers post lockdown, and I have an urge to celebrate the album a couple more times before the year is out.

On Friday December 11 and Saturday December 12 we will present the album live with special guests in Albany and Fremantle. Playing it in full from start to finish, and to sweeten the deal I have 2 reworks of the tune (KANGA)ROO-PAULZ DRAG RACE dropping on Friday November 13.

Come to a gig. Dance awkwardly. Thnx for caring about my tunes

xoxox Odlaw (aka Mark Neal)


Friday December 11
Six Degrees, Albany
With: Liz Dexic & Kris Nelson

Saturday December 12
The Aardvark, Fremantle
With: King Ibis, Sad Hill & Eloise Ashton


Artwork by @precisepath & @sadc_theclown

(KANGA)ROO-PAULZ DRAG RACE Young Girl remix and Bridget Cleary sax edition out NOW everywhere / DEBUT is out NOW via Blue Grey Pink.

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