Yawn Vibes

Yawn Vibes

Yawn Vibes present their jubilant second single Hometown, a release that glistens with honesty and strength and speaks as a testament to the tougher times many of us face. 

“An emotional, honest and raw cut of addictive indie pop, Hometown slowly builds from a catchy guitar chord progression and understated rhythm section to an epic, all-out chorus that packs exultant horns and shimmering keys alongside singer and songwriter Taylah McLean’s soaring vocals, that offer “a visceral look at the personal hardships” she’s faced.“

Yawn Vibes have been refining their sound since the launch of their first single ‘Stadium’, and ‘Hometown’ features the best of their pop sensibilities whilst offering a visceral look at the personal hardships faced by songwriter Taylah McLean.

“I believe that there is merit in using storytelling as a tool for healing. It’s important to acknowledge that stories of resilience hold immense power. I contemplated writing Hometown as a conversation with my past, and in this regard it became a letter to my younger self. Originally it was a simple melody and a complex story from when I was on the cusp of my adulthood, and I felt very protective of myself when in the process of writing this song. When I brought the song to the band it was as if they lifted me up, not just through the creation of melody but through saying ‘we hear you.’ I felt like I could breathe after a period of holding my breath under water.” – Taylah McLean

Citing influences from the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Big Thief to the Replacements the band are inherently fans of pop music with a raw heart. Yawn Vibes have celebrated their friendship and their resilience both as a band striving to create their first album and as individuals whose goal has always been to support one another through the many facets of life. 

Hometown has a strong melodic undercurrent, with triumphant horns that swell at each chorus and features keys that shine through the song’s lyrical content like a lighthouse guiding ships safely to shore. Hometown is a haunting and powerful statement of letting go of someone, and rejoicing in the strength that it takes to move on. 

Written and recorded on the traditional lands of the Noongar Whadjuk people in Boorloo (Perth) the band crafted Hometown at Golding Sounds studio. Ryan K Brennan (Phantastic Ferniture) produced, recorded, mixed the track, and Jess Nyanda Moyle (Jocelyn’s Baby) brought her effervescent songwriting skills to the recording through their arrangement of harmonies and keys. Rleanne Evangelista (JOYS) contributed to the arrangement of harmonies and the dynamic between the song’s interwoven vocals. Yawn Vibes are joined by multi-instrumentalist Blake Robertson-Hall who arranged and performed all horn components on Hometown.

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