Yawn Vibes reflect on life amidst chaos with new single ‘Fast Lane’

Yawn Vibes, a Boorloo/ Perth based indie/ alt rock sensation known for their introspective and resonant lyrics, is back with their latest single; Fast Lane. Lifted from their forthcoming album, Fast Lane serves as a poignant reflection on the significance of finding life’s simple pleasures amidst the whirlwind of chaos and uncertainty.

Making their debut with Stadium, a track that peaked at #28 on the SoundCloud Australia Pop Chart and was the 9th most played song on RTRFM for 2021, Yawn Vibes make music “for people to dance to in their kitchens or listen to on the bus”,  taking inspiration from the likes of; The Replacements, the Go Betweens, Guided By Voices, and Big Star.

Set against a backdrop of feel-driven rhythms, jangly guitars, magical synths, and triumphant horns, Fast Lane delves into the profound realisation that even in the midst of life’s rapid pace and global turbulence, it’s the small, ordinary moments that hold the most significance. The song captures the universal experience of feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of the world, yet finding solace in the mundane tasks that ground us and remind us of our humanity.

Songwriter, guitarist and lead vocalist Taylah Grunwaldt, shares “This song was written at the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, probably while I was at work on a lunch break and reflecting about how much my life had changed in such a short period of time… I started swimming at the local pool a few months prior to the pandemic and quite literally never made it into the fast lane.. The COVID pandemic hit,  and I had to figure out how to take each day one step at a time and not get overwhelmed. It’s a song about how much the simple things matter when life escalates at a rapid pace, and how sometimes you find yourself cleaning rubbish at work in the middle of a global pandemic and wondering how life keeps going, time keeps moving, and how you’re still able to function when the world seems big and scary I guess…”

Fast Lane is the first taste of Yawn Vibes’ upcoming debut album titled; Never End, a release that revels in imagery of the past and present and surrounds the listener in a warm blanket of ethereal audible safety and security. Recorded in between lockdowns in 2022 and recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Ryan K Brennan (King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Julia Jacklin, Noah Dillon, Angie Colman), with David West (Rat Columns) adding backing vocals on the track Smoke and Mirrors and Blake Robertson-Hall contributing horns on Fast Lane. Togetherness, friendship and solidarity throughout time and location thematically surrounds Never End.

Yawn Vibes’ Fast Lane is out now on Blue Grey Pink 


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