Angie Colman

Angie Colman

Over the last year Angie Colman has grown to be one of the most in demand voices in Perth. You can hear her on stage solo or with her band, and alongside other singers backing up their vocals with her impeccable harmonies. But it’s her charming and heartfelt songwriting that’s connected to so many people in a short time. 


Angie’s latest single ‘Who are you after me’ is a testament to this. A song written about heartbreak and friendship in difficult times. “It’s about a very close and intimate friend of mine, who I treated poorly while we were friends in high school. I was in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship and was unable to be there for her through the shit she had going on in her life.”


“I think and write about her a lot because she shaped so much of who I am today, and the song is a question to how I shaped her as well, and the lasting imprints people have on you, even years after you disconnect from them.” 


Angie’s ability to capture and carry so much emotion in her voice and guitar work sets her above the growing songwriter scene in WA. “I’d had this little riff that I’d been playing on guitar with these two weird chords, and I’d been playing it for about a year. Never had any words for it. Then I took a trip to Darwin with my sister, mum and grannie in September 2021, and I had this dream about my friend. I woke up really upset and just wrote some stuff down.”


Raised in the beautiful Perth Hills, Angie Colman grew up surrounded by music, writing songs since she could speak. One of my earliest memories of music was dad making me a pirated mixtape from pirate bay, and me listening to it on repeat on my walkman. I remember crying over Vanessa Carlton’s 1000 Miles as a 7 year old, as if I had felt love to any sort of degree that she had.” 


I’ve been singing as long as I can remember. We always had instruments around the house, and dad used to like to record some music so we made music together as a family when I was a kid.”


Leaving the hills for the coastal city of Fremantle, Angie’s brand of country tinted indie rock alongside her impressive voice has been welcomed into the music scene. Already playing packed out shows in Mojo’s, sharing the stage with so many bands at The Bird, and even running her own Open Mic night at Ronnie Nights. It’s such a tight knit community, with a lot of exceptional and driven musicians. I was welcomed really warmly when I first started performing a few years ago, and have been really lucky to have almost only positive experiences. I love how collaborative everyone is, and how I seem to be surrounded by people who, although quite different, love and respect each other musically and professionally.” A scene that has been flourishing since the rise of Tame Impala, Fremantle has become a hotspot for the best emerging talent in the country and possibly the world with acts like Spacey Jane, Noah Dillon, San Cisco, and Stella Donnelly bringing the scene to massive stages.


On the release of her new single the future for Angie is growing brighter. Recently teaming up with Mark Neal at Blue Grey Pink management (Noah Dillon) the Fremantle songwriter is excited to be preparing for a big year of music.Having people hear your music and really connect with you and who you are through your music is truly my favourite feeling in the world. I absolutely love performing.”

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