Veruca Moon release debut self-titled EP + focus track ‘About You’

Indie alt-folk newcomers Veruca Moon have made a name for themselves around the Boorloo/ Perth and wider Western Australian community, gracing Nannup Music Festival, WAMFest, and RTRFM Winter Music Festival audiences with emotional, relatable stories delivered through potent melodies, impeccable musicianship, and Veruca’s raw yet powerful vocals. 

Making their debut in 2022 with self-recorded and produced single Four Seasons, last year saw the release of powerful singles Winter Solstice and Let Me Go in the lead up to their highly anticipated 5-track debut EP, appropriately self-titled as an exposé to the groups capabilities and growth so far. “This EP has been a learning process as much as it has been a creative one.” Explains Veruca, continuing “Sounds and ideas I had at the start of making it have changed drastically in a great way with the guidance of our producer, and I’m so proud of how it’s turned out. I just aimed to put together a small compilation of my own favourites, and to put it out there to give people a sense of my music”.

Starting off with a dramatic and atmospheric epic; War, the EP carries a sincere emotional depth, sharing relatable tales of the human experience covering themes of love, loss, loneliness, and honest self-reflection. “The songs are all different in their own right, but I hope there’s a continuum to them all together that resonates with someone. Each song is one I’ve been extremely proud of having written, and felt I could articulate the feeling I was trying to illuminate with lyrics and music together.” shares Veruca. 

With a knack for beautifully articulated lyrics delivered alongside moving beats, grounding bass lines, and swirling guitars, Veruca gets very personal throughout the release – even using an image of her late father as the EP’s artwork. 

Lead single About You written from the perspective of somebody done wrong by in a toxic relationship bears lyrics like tell that you love me then tell me how I need to change” reflecting on how love can hurt, and sometimes you just have to walk out of it being perceived the “bad guy” so you can start to heal. 

Featuring backing vocals from friends Grace Newton-Wordsworth (Joan and The Giants), Stacey Ann, Angie Colman, and Georgina Cram (Ribs), Veruca explains About You was kind of a tongue-in-cheek way to respond to a terrible relationship that I actually had a really hard time processing the grief of – I think it was more during the anger phase of healing through it, but the experience itself was extremely painful. The song being so upbeat to start with allowed me to put the energy somewhere it belongs, before it crescendos into a more cathartic outpour of feelings and just an acceptance of things leaving me so messed up but ultimately better off.”


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Michael Strong at You’re Weird Mixing (Pat Chow, Odlaw, Dolce Blue, Stacey Ann), Veruca Moon mixes influences from blues greats Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James to indie gems Cigarettes After Sex and Angel Olsen on their EP, creating the ultimate soundtrack to cradle you on late night drives, or spin around your living room to. 

Raising funds for their EP with an event at a venue dear to them – The Bird, Veruca and her band return to the iconic Boorloo establishment for a launch show Saturday February 24 to share and celebrate the release with the community that made it possible. 


This track’s got a charmingly ambling pace while the comfortingly worn vocals provide the heart. 

Dave Ruby Howe (Triple J Unearthed) on ‘Let Me Go’

Four Seasons’ stands as a testament to Veruca Moon’s creative and technical ability, as composition and recording was all done in house by the artist.

Toasty Tunes

Live, she’s a room filler and an attractor of rapture. People hang on every word, every note of her performances. Veruca Moon is a gorgeous sight to behold and share space with.

Around The Sound

Veruca Moon self titled EP out now via Blue Grey Pink. Listen HERE



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