SUGAR WIFE release their second single ON FIRE

BLUE GREY PINK presents:
SUGAR WIFE release their second single ON FIRE

“On Fire” started with its hook, which appeared unannounced in frontman Damien Goerke’s head while hanging out the washing on a very hot Perth day in November 2019. It was one of those hooks that made him think it must already exist because it was so good but he recorded it as a voice memo on his phone anyway. That recording is dated the 21st of November, which happened to be the same day the devastating bushfires over east had reached Victoria. Soon after, those bushfires would make headlines around the world.

This song is Damien’s way of attempting to come to terms with the helplessness of watching the destruction from the other side of the island. Set to a driving, nostalgic bed of distinctly Australian indie rock supplied by Damien and bandmates Ryan K Brennan (drums), Bridget Cleary (keys/sax), Mark Neal (bass), Anthony Pugliese (guitars) and WAM Song of the Year 2021 nominee Anna Schneider on backing vocals, it’s a song looking to live in a space occupied by classics from The Church, Midnight Oil or Hunters & Collectors; songs that everyone knows, that bring people together.

Given where the country and the rest of the world is now, a call for change set to music isn’t going to stop the coming bushfire season but the band hopes it helps people connect and feel heard.


ON FIRE out NOW on Blue Grey Pink


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