ODLAW and their new single DENMARK 1998

Stream ‘DENMARK 1998’ here

After nearly disappearing into obscurity, ODLAW are back with a new single about anxiety, country living, youth, and renting vhs tapes. 

When Odlaw’s 2nd album debut dropped in 2020, songwriter Mark Neal wasn’t expecting high demand for a live show, and he wasn’t really expecting too many people to even listen to the album. But to his surprise, people loved it! They responded with kind words, it got great reviews from people Mark cared about, and suddenly a bunch of supportive people had banded together to form the new Odlaw band.

The now expanded 6 piece band feature a front person heavy lineup consisting of Michael Strong (drums/Frontperson in The Disappointed & Alyosha), Veronica Zurzolo (guitar/Front person in Dolce Blue), Damien Goerke (keys/Front person in Sugar Wife), Lee Napper (guitar/Front Person in Gap Year), Skinny O’Leary (bass/Front person in Sail On Sail On), and Mark Neal now prepare for a whole new chapter.

Denmark 1998 is a heavier offering from Odlaw. Angry and tense, Neal recounts memories of growing up in the great southern of WA, reciting the quirks of rural town and youth gone by. While following in the footsteps of previous album “Debut” this new single shines with lo-fi angular and twisted recording stylings, but leans more towards the punk anxiousness of the first album “Regret City”.



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