PAT CHOW drop the 2nd taste of album 3 in new single SLOW ME DOWN

Stream ‘SLOW ME DOWN’ here

Like a hammer in the ear holes PAT CHOW keeping swinging on this down tempo emo grunge single.  It’s a song about dealing with an anxious situation and SLOW ME DOWN could be the unofficial anthem for 2021. Let’s not rush into things here, enjoy the messy wave you are on and appreciate the little wins.

The trio have been returning to their roots, with the same songwriting MO that led to their 2 adored albums “Are You Okay?” (2015) and “Overwhelming Care” (2018). Ben Protasiewicz (guitar, vocals) Jamie Gallagher (Drums) and Andrew ‘Goldy’ Meredith (bass, Vocals) have been playing their brand of indie-punk meets grungey alt-rock with each other for over 6 years.

2 full length albums, a heap of Singles, several EPs, US touring, WAM Song of the year awards, numerous supports, a bunch of christmas songs, and a fiercely independent australian music ethos have been some of the contributing factors that made Pat Chow a well respected australian band. But It’s the raw and unflinching songwriting backed with a charismatic live show that makes them an adored band in the WA music community. 

SLOW ME DOWN is another insight into a band that really cares. It reaches into the depths of Ben’s brain plucking at the discomfort we’ve all experienced. Presented to us with fierce dynamics, amplifying the ups and the downs, while holding onto all the catchy relatable elements that Pat Chow have championed for years.    



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