Introducing SUGAR WIFE and their (literal) heart healing debut single BORN TO LOSE

Born To Lose started as a note in lead singer/guitarist Damien Goerke’s phone for directions to a particular place at Fiona Stanley Hospital. Always one to attempt to use a normal note for lyrics, it turned into a song that almost fell out of him. Damien was born with two separate debilitating heart conditions that required multiple operations to fix, all before turning 31. This is a song he didn’t think he would ever want to write but one he is proud of, especially knowing that it has already connected with others who have experienced beyond normal health issues. It’s a lush lullaby to comfort the soul, it’s an anthem for the anguished, it has a sax solo. 

In Sugar Wife you’ll find that striped-sunlight type of indie-rock Australiana but filled with clouds of rain and thunder. 

Formed in Perth 2019, filled with members who have been in and around the local and national scenes for much longer. The 5 piece band features the songwriting of Damien Goerke, WAM award nominated saxophonist Bridget Cleary, Julia Jacklin’s Phantastic Ferniture collaborator Ryan K Brennan, Sidewalk Diamonds guitarist Anthony Pugliese, and Odlaw’s Mark Neal.

Their songs are full of hooks you’ll wake up with stuck in your head and with lyrics equally as cerebral. They’re for anyone who doesn’t want to go out tonight but knows they’d have the best time if they did. 

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