DOLCE BLUE reflect in hazy pop track, DREAM CATCHER

Dolce Blue highlights their ‘blue’ side in latest dreamy indie-pop track ’DREAM CATCHER’, a reflection on the bad times and things you were fine not thinking about until someone had to bring them up…

Originating from the rich indie rock breeding ground of Kalamunda (The Panics, Snowman), the suite have been busy working on their next album, February’s ‘Summerwave’ and now ‘Dream Catcher’ giving a small taste of what’s to come for this four piece. Recorded and produced by Michael Strong (Pat Chow, Odlaw) and coming out on the West Australian Music 2020 label of the year Blue Grey Pink, this might just be the perfect combination of indie rock bliss. 


The track features grounding bass and driving percussion, swirling with catchy guitar riffs, and sonic synthesisers to play the heart string like a telecaster – all topped off with some angelic vocals delivering hard hitting lyrics paired with soothing melodies. If this song was a food, it would be delicious hot chips on a cold winter’s day that are a little too hot and a tad too salty not to hurt, but you’ll keep eating anyway. 


“Most of the time I write about running away. This song is no exception. It’s about living with all the things that bother you, things keeping you up at night, shitty people not being accountable for their actions. For the most part you can forget about it, run away, distract yourself, but all it takes is for your parents to call you up to say they saw your ex while you’re on your way to an exam, or that one asshole shows up at a gig, and now you can’t shake it…” – Veronica, Dolce Blue


With influences ranging from the likes of the Black Keys and Lana Del Rey, to Mac Demarco and Joy Division, Dolce Blue have forged a sound rooted in emotive songwriting, cool guitar chorus, and a journey of four high school friends. 


Praise for Dolce Blue:

“Super cruisy, Dolce Blue! ‘sif you aren’t the coolest crew in Kalamunda!” – Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed 

“Standing out musically here, the four showed with ease their ability to naturally move together.”Anya Harris, X-Press

“Seriously, this band really know how to write a tune.” – Happy Mag 


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