COSY unleash frantic new single ‘BUTTONS’

Listen to ‘BUTTONS’ here

WA 3 piece Cosy have evolved over 10 years of messy side projects and off-shoot bands. Musical mates Oscar Van Gass (drums), Albert Pritchard (bass), came together around the sounds of songwriter Sam Rocchi (guitar, vocals). The trio have sculpted a delicate balance between drama and love, with their textured songwriting and chaotic live show.

‘Buttons’ is about how love promises much more than it will give you, it’s there to break the fall but will step aside when you need it. Recorded with Mitch McDonald (the Love Junkies) at Blackbird Sound Studios (Spacey Jane, Drapht) this is the latest offering since the single ‘Blue’ at the beginning of 2020 and their EP ‘Borrowed State’ in 2018.

Collectively these talented humans have performed in many WA bands including, Noah Dillon, New Nausea, Shit Narnia, Mung Dahl, The Chlorines, Priscilla, and many more. But in Cosy they shine like the sun in your eyes on a hungover morning, it should hurt but it’s the last taste of a well lived night and you want to cling to that feeling as long as you can.

Raucous and loud music. Rambling and passionate lyrics. They keep things moving between sprawling lyrical passages and straight up rock-dogging band chops.


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