JOCELYN’S BABY release first 2 tracks from their debut album

Jocelyn’s Baby is the moniker for the ever-changing solo project of Perth/Boorloo-based musician and theatre maker Jess Nyanda Moyle. Since releasing her debut ep Foetus & Fossil Jocelyn’s Baby (FKA Jess Jocelyn) has grown and evolved into a 4-piece iteration with Courtney Hardy on drums, Aaron Graham on bass and Joshua Rospondek on lead guitar. The band giving the guts and grit necessary to properly tell the stories behind Jess’ song writing; stories of Australian identity, addiction, existential crisis and the potential for healing.


The first and title track of Jocelyn’s Baby ‘s upcoming debut album, ARE YOU LISTENING?

floats in a strange, liminal space between music and musical theatre. Piano backed and lyric led, the song is inspired by the likes of Mitski and Phoebe Bridgers but held together with sparse instrumentation and claustrophobic soundscapes. At its core is an existential longing, a desire to find a simple answer to the incessant questions so many artists ask themselves; why do we keep making art? Am I affecting anyone? Are you listening?


This is saccharine sweet indie pop with bitter, almost unpalatable lyrical undertones. DID IT HURT YOU? rolls along with light-hearted energy and ease thanks to the backing of Hardy, Graham and Rospondek, but its flow is constantly interrupted with lines dripping with internalised anxiety. A bite sized pop package that ambitiously tries to tackle ageism in the music industry with humour and frankness. The track might leave a nasty aftertaste but it’s still fun and charming. It’s only pop after all, it can’t hurt you.

The first two tasters of the album to come, Jocelyn’s Baby have released a double single with a complimentary A-side/B-side. Where ARE YOU LISTENING? asks, “Is there anyone out there that actually cares about what I do?” DID IT HURT YOU? looks you dead in the eye and says “Haha, no!”.

Jocelyn’s Baby’s new double single release ARE YOU LISTENING? and DID IT HURT YOU? is out now via Blue Grey Pink.

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