Introducing JAMES COLTON and the debut single ELEVATOR RIDE TO FLOOR 808

A glistening instrumental pop track that teases with psychedelic 70s synth and heavenly 80s inspired lead lines. A cinematic track that would be at home in a science fiction drama or Harrison Ford led space opera.

James Colton is the alter ego of music nerd Andy James Bartlett (The Disappointed, The Autumn Isles, The Jackson Roses, Mezzanine). 

Whilst playing keyboards & guitars in bands around his hometown of Perth he realised his favourite place to be was inside a recording studio, preferably one that’s secluded deep underground. After finding a home in one such studio, he was finally able to block out the noise of the world and spend some time stretching his creativity. The result is his debut release “Elevator Ride to Floor 808” dropping in mid-2022, a satisfying blend of electronic and acoustic instruments melded into a form of progressive space jazz with a soul-stirring downtempo drum and bass groove.

James has been known to cite Air, Radiohead, Beck, and Pink Floyd as among some of his favourite artists and their influences can be heard in the textures and soundscapes of this first release.

James Colton’s new release Elevator Ride To Floor 808 is out now via Blue Grey Pink.


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