GAP YEAR release new single OLD CLOTHES

Perth and Fremantle locals GAP YEAR return with their latest single “Old Clothes”. The first new release since their beloved 2021 album “Flat Out” . 


Formed in early 2019, Gap Year shares a mutual appreciation for mid-80s Australiana. The band captures the melodicism of The Church and The Go-Betweens, whilst drawing on the production stylings of modern groups such as Real Estate and The War on Drugs.


“The original version of Old Clothes was written in late 2021 after I (Lee Napper) went through a mixture of a long-term relationship coming to an end and having some form of a quarter-life crisis. Although this all sounds rather melancholic, there’s also a prevalent theme of personal reflection and attempted growth. I guess as human beings there’s always a fear of the unknown and sometimes, we are forced into making a change even when we didn’t plan on it, and I tried to capture these struggles in this song.”


Gap Year has made nostalgic tones mixed with heart wrenching songwriting an artform. These latest songs make for more intimate moments that will reward repeat listens.

OLD CLOTHES out Fri Feb 24 on Blue Grey Pink

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