GAP YEAR join Blue Grey Pink for the release of their latest single SO SAD TO SEE

Recorded across multiple sessions in 2020, Perth and Fremantle locals GAP YEAR draw upon their shared musical experiences to present a focused display in modern songwriting with their latest release SO SAD TO SEE. 


Formed in early 2019, Gap Year shares a mutual appreciation for mid-80s Australiana. The band captures the melodicism of The Church and The Go-Betweens, whilst drawing on the production stylings of modern groups such as Real Estate and The War on Drugs.


“I really believe that no matter what a song is about, most people can listen to it and derive a meaning for themselves and how it applies to them, regardless of what the content is. For this song specifically, it’s really as simple as being about a close friendship that turns so sour that the people involved cant even be in the same room as each other anymore.”


Gap Year has made nostalgic tones mixed with heart wrenching songwriting and artform. These latest songs make for more intimate moments that will reward repeat listens.


“everything about this is so sad but in the best way. i’ve listened 4 times in a row and can’t get over how well you’ve summed up a mood.” – Declan Byrne, Triple J


“Warm, jangly and endearing songwriting. Really love the balance between that vibrant guitar melodies and those vocals!” – Claire Mooney, Triple J

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