Dolce Blue open up on what it’s like not to be “fine” with their latest relatable anthem The Finest

We all know what it’s like to feel down and how hard it can be to open up about it, especially when it’s so easy to simply reply with “I’m fine”. Dolce Blue’s latest relatable anthem bundles up all those feelings and wraps them in an alt-pop, psychedelic tinged bow, as they gift you The Finest.

Well within their theme of Dolce (Italian for sweet) with a good dose of melancholia/ Blue, The Finest fires away with strong guitar riffs and a sizzling beat as reverb-drenched vocals reveal an anxiously written love letter to a significant other, asking permission to open up about what’s really on their mind, the hook “I’d like to show you when I’m down, is that someone you’d want to be around?” whispering at every corner. Previously receiving support from the likes of triple J, RTRFM, Pilerats, and X Press Magazine and playing slots at RTRFM’s 45th Anniversary Party and the inaugural Way Way West, Dolce Blue continue to write insatiable songs that resonate with whomever stumbles across them.

On the release, singer-songwriter and guitarist Veronica Zurzolo shares “I really wish I could articulate my feelings properly, and this song is about me committing to do that with the people I care about and I know who care about me. It’s so easy to say “I’m fine”, because nobody wants to be overbearing or overshare, but The Finest is the first step, asking if it’s okay to tell you how I really am?” Continuing “We recorded the track with local legend Michael Strong and I think it really captures what we sound like, nothing overly complicated that you won’t hear when you see us live, it’s just a band in a room doing what they love. I also really enjoyed playing the lead guitar solo, and the reactions I get when I do it live.”

Hailing from the hills of Kalamunda, Brody Honey (drums), Daniel Taylor (bass), Lachlan Casey (guitar) and Veronica Zurzolo (vocals, guitar) all attended the same local high school, remaining the best of friends for the many years that have followed. Because of their love of music (and for one another) Dolce Blue’s lineup remains the same since their debut single New White Sneakers (2018) to the present day. With an album, EP and a sprinkling of singles in their pocket, they’re working alongside local producer Michael Strong (Pat Chow, Odlaw) towards their second album, set for release early 2023 under indie record label Blue Grey Pink. Selling out their own local shows and playing alongside the likes of Sly Withers, Shag Rock, Noah Dillon, Lucy Peach and Ghost Care, they’ve steadily built their local fanbase winning over anyone who loves a catchy melody, an honest story, or shreddin’ guitar lick.

The Finest is out now via Blue Grey Pink

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