Dolce Blue release new single Valentino

Alt-pop outfit Dolce Blue continue to tease their sophomore LP, dancing the line of intimate and vulnerable, and energetic anthemic rock with their fun new single Valentino

Originating from the rich indie rock breeding ground of Kalamunda (The Panics, Snowman), Dolce Blue have been busy working on their next album,  Dream Catcher, Nothing Bad, The Finest, and now final single Valentino giving a small taste of what’s to be expected from this four-piece come June. Recorded and produced by Michael Strong (Pat Chow, Odlaw) and coming out on the West Australian Music 2020 and 2022 label of the year Blue Grey Pink, this might just be the perfect combination of indie rock bliss. 


Sticking to their foundation of all things sweet/Dolce with a hint of melancholia/Blue, they’ve released an impressive catalogue with a debut 13-track LP Forever Is Too Long, an EP, and a healthy dose of singles, selling out their own local shows and playing alongside the likes of Sly Withers, Shag Rock, Noah Dillon, Lucy Peach and Ghost Care, and receiving support from the likes of triple J, RTRFM, Pilerats, and X Press Magazine and playing slots at RTRFM’s 45th Anniversary Party and the inaugural Way Way West.


Inspired by the love of her cat with the same name (pictured in the press shots) – releasing the track on his birthday March 29, as well as that meme that informs cats may indeed have the same mental problems as you, Dolce Blue’s frontwoman Veronica wrote Valentino as an expression of her own insecurities, anxieties, and regrets she she’s reflected in her feline friend. 


“Valentino [the cat] has always been my shy little man, hiding when there’s new people or sounds, just a little bit scared of everything. The song takes inspiration from how even though he’s scared to leave the house, he’s inquisitive and wants to see/smell through the window. And I guess I can relate to that, how I like to think and dream about all the things I would like to do, just lack the courage to get out there and actually do them.” 

Veronica Zurzolo 


With the jangly strums of guitar the song starts out with the line “I want to be rich, but not the stuck up kind where I only talk about how much of the world I can buy” before firing away with the hookey chorus “Valentino why you hide? Is it really that scary?”. Playing on their strength of creating sonically dynamic compositions, Dolce Blue grow Valentino from a vulnerable expression of intimate feelings into its explosive peak of a harmony-drenched final chorus. 


Praise for Dolce Blue:

Okay take me to dreamy indie pop paradise why don’t you.Claire Mooney, triple j unearthed


“Super cruisy, Dolce Blue! ‘sif you aren’t the coolest crew in Kalamunda!”  Dave Ruby Howe, triple j unearthed


“Dolce Blue are a remarkably special band, if you haven’t come across them already. The four-piece specialise in this blend of melancholic and sweet indie-pop; detailed with swaying melodies and rich, yet often-intimate lyricism that blend together to create hazy bursts of alt-pop and indie brilliance, something they’ve consistently shown ever since their debut a few years ago.” Pilerats

“Driven by the entrancing vocals of Veronica Zurzolo and backed by the breezy, summery melodies of fellow band members Lachy, Daniel and Brody, the four piece produce a beautiful sound reminiscent of earlier works from Alvvays and Best Coast.” Good Vibrations

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