ODLAW release new single titled WE LOVE PLAYING IN THE CITY

Odlaw creates indie rock with lo-fi bedroom pop and a punk attitude. On the eve of dropping their 2nd single for 2021, I caught up with Odlaw to chat through their long career in the underground indie scene of Perth.    Odlaw have released 2 albums, a bunch of bonus tracks and EPs, toured around […]

ODLAW and their new single DENMARK 1998

Stream ‘DENMARK 1998’ here After nearly disappearing into obscurity, ODLAW are back with a new single about anxiety, country living, youth, and renting vhs tapes.  When Odlaw’s 2nd album debut dropped in 2020, songwriter Mark Neal wasn’t expecting high demand for a live show, and he wasn’t really expecting too many people to even listen […]

ODLAW celebrate DEBUT one more time!

STREAM ON SPOTIFY OR ON BANDCAMP. The 6 piece band will celebrate their 2020 album DEBUT with a special live series playing the album in full + release 2 reworks of the crowd favourite (KANGA)ROO-PAULZ DRAG RACE 2020 has been a weird ride. When I (Mark Neal) released this album I really didn’t expect anyone […]

ODLAW release their sophomore album titled DEBUT

Listen to ‘DEBUT’ here Odlaw started as a suburban indie rock project with a group of musicians in Perth  Australia. Spearheaded by frontman and songwriter, Mark Neal, the band released an EP, an album, and toured a bunch between 2015 and 2017. After some difficult life things, Mark found himself alone, anxious and struggling with […]