Big Orange seep sex & swag with new single ‘Just So Ya Know’

Described as “one of WA’s strongest rock acts” (Pilerats) and “Indie Rock and Roll as it should be” (LA on Lock), Big Orange combines the ear-worming sensibilities of pop with the slick, rollicking energy of rock. Announcing their sophomore record The Perils of Desire, they follow on from recent single This Won’t Hurt a Bit, with a new alt rock single Just So Ya Know.

“It’s quite obviously a sex song. Lyrically it tells a tale of two lovers having a night exploring their passion for one another. It’s about not being able to contain your lust for someone.” – Says Daniel.

With a dark yet euphoric energy Just So Ya Know has a slick and effortless swagger, combining a steady groove with driving piano hammers, flourished with heavy guitar riffs and accented with sparkling synths, as Daniel Davis’ voice glides seamlessly through a sultry melody delivering lyrics like “seven sins and the two of us sharing one skin, the thought of you is just too much, I just can’t settle, just so ya know, I want you now”.

Just So Ya Know was recorded by Davis at his home studio, then taken to Dave Parkin at Blackbird Sound Studios, Perth and mastered by Brain Lucy at Magic Garden, NYC. It precedes Big Orange’s upcoming 10-track LP The Perils of Desire due for release August, 2024 through 2x West Australian Music (WAM) ‘Label of the Year’ Blue Grey Pink.

Big Orange’s Just So Ya Know is out June 19 via Blue Grey Pink


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